Tiny Porcelain Pots?

treehugger101May 1, 2014

So I just bought a bunch of cute tiny succulents and no one has tiny ceramic pots to plant them in. Does anyone have a good source? I just want plain white or a neural color and my window sill is 3.5" wide. Thanks for your help.

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Best idea would be an area bonsai shop you could also search the internet area, keyword: miniature bonsia pots in your search engine.
If shop at ETSY is seen in your results you'll find what your lookng for.

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2 hours later and I still can't find white ones. I wound up getting 2 in cream (I hope). One from amazon.com. If anybody finds any in cream or white please let me know. Thanks a lot.

Today...the cream bonsai pots came in too short. The group of succulent pots I found on Etsy in white are too small, too. The plants should match up but don't.

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Another alternative could be to buy the tiny terra cotta ones and paint and seal the outside (if you can't find them in garden centers, try the big chain craft stores). Unglazed terra cotta is better for succulents, and you could arrange a few on a long tray, or just get individual dishes for underneath.

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Danielle317 - I think I am going to have to go the way of terra cotta painted. Should I just use acrylic craft paint? That is a lot of pots to paint! I have about 20 succulents now. Wow. They are addictive.

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I was doing some reading on painting the pots, and it turns out that not sealing the INSIDE of the pot makes it more likely for the paint outside to bubble. Still, I think it's a fun project. I found some smaller pots at my local Micheal's that are an atypical shape (more flared at the top), and I'm planning to paint a set of three. I know you've got your heart set on white, but there's a lot of colorful inspiration out there!

Here is a link that might be useful: Painted terra cotta pots

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Glad you found an altrenate potting plan more important is pot size there are a few and even more once you find them. Not very many succulents can fit in small pots for long term and healthy growing.

The tiny pots don't have to go to watse for you as they also come in handy for single leaf propergating or even the hard to find succulents that do fit for a few years in them.

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I tried to find similiar pots but had no luck, either. I went with 3" terra cotta and they fit perfectly on my windowsill. And they look awesome all lined up in their little terra cotta pots! I think I must have about 20 now.
Good luck and have fun!

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Danielle317 - That link is awesome! I am going to distress some pots in white and pale french blue. White would have been my preference but if it is not too in my face, I think I can live with it. Thanks again!

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