Will they be ok?

homemommyApril 7, 2009

In the Greater Toronto Area, we had some really nice weather over the last few weeks. I had Blanket Flower, Forget Me Nots and Lupins sprout from their winter sown containers. Now, we are back in the minus's, and under an inch or two of snow! Are they going to be ok or should I bring them in?

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Never bring them in. :) This is only my second year, but last year I did throw a blanket over some of the sprouts when the temps really dropped to way below freezing and we had snow. I just used an old wool blanket that I had kicking around the house and kept it folded up and sitting on the BBQ (under the patio roof) ready to use anytime that I needed it. I have several sprouted containers out there right now and we have had below freezing on a few nights. I am not far from you and am probably getting similar weather, but this year so far, I haven't covered them. I haven't removed the top of the container yet either....just because I was expecting this sort of thing. :)...last year I only covered the ones that had their container tops removed already.
try not to worry.....survival of the fittest and all that!

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Well, I got nervous waiting for a reply and "rescued" them. OOps. Only the ones that sprouted, I left all those that had not germinated yet outside.

I'll get them back out tommorow, the temp is coming up anyway, so it should not be a shock to them, also the back room they are in is not as warm as the rest of the house ;-)

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