So what do you do if you get sprouts

ifiwasabutterfly(3b)April 21, 2009

INSIDE, before you put them out??

Ok, this is going to sound ridiculous but three days ago, my son and I started getting out containers ready, BUT, I did not water the soil first, I just planted with the intention of soaking it after and then putting them out.

Well, we had family come in this weekend, and I only did half the cups I was going to, so I figured I would put them out today. Imagine my SHOCK when I went to move it out and realized that 10 of my 15 cups have sprouted. And not just a little either!!! With no water, IN MY BASEMENT!!!

The only thing I can think of, is that because I do photo retouching I use daylight bulbs in my lamp by my computer so that must have done it....Should I just leave them inside? Most are hearty annuals and a couple perrennials...


An amazed newbie in Ontario

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

What a surprise!!! My first thought would be to leave them inside providing you have enough room for them. The nights in your area may still be cold enough to 'do them in'. Then you'll have the task of hardening them off before putting them out when it warms up. If you hate hardening off as much as I do, and had enough seed, I would re-do them all and put them out. Someone may have a better idea. Good luck!!

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