annual lobelia

marricgardensApril 10, 2009

I was wondering if anyone had ever winter sowed annual lobelia (Sapphire or Riviera) or toadflax/linaria? I was thinking of trying to do both next spring. I had lobelia in a container last year and when I brought the container in for the winter, apparently some of the lobelia had reseeded. When I started to water in Jan., the lobelia came up, along with the gazania that had been in the container with it. It is doing very well. This will be my first time ever growing linaria. Anyone ever tried them? Thanks. Marg

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carib2008(zone 5)

Hi, I am new to this forum , so glad I found it .This is my first winter sowing experience. I sowed some Toadflax in March and it has been up for over a week now. The toadflax is actually one of the first to sprout other than Bachelor Buttons, and Clarkia. I am not so patiently awaiting some more sprouts, nothing else has happened in the last week.

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Thanks for the info about Toadflax. It will definitely be on my list for next year. This is just my second year winter sowing so I'm still trying new things. Isn't it exciting to see new things comeing up? I can't wait to go out and see what's newly up today! Yesterday it was Arctic Fire Dianthus and Asters. Marg

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I had a container of white fountains lobelia that I left under a big spruce tree over winter, and forgot about until mid summer, it had sprouts, and I put it in the sun. By August I had blooms (free!). These plants I'd originally started indoors on windowsills, they get lanky, but I give lobelia haircuts, the last being when I first harden them off outside, and they grow big and bushy.

We'd had a fairly mild winter the winter I'd left them out, not like this past one.

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kioni: I've had lobelia reseed in a container I brought inside for the winter. I didn't start watering til Jan. and it is blooming now - it turns out it was rose colored. After reading your post, I think I will give it a try. I get a lot of things overwintering in this area that I never had overwinter before, and we are now a zone colder! Thanks for posting. Marg

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