Worth the Wait

northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)May 13, 2007

I complained last week that I had several 'no-shows' but we have had a week of very warm weather and almost everything came through. The only no-shows now are the Astilbe and I am still hoping for them, and the Canna which are consistently late. There were some of which I had only one seedling, and now others are popping up. I am so excited. Even my Euphorbia which I have tried to direct sow like my neighbour who gave me the seeds for two years, were successful when WS'd. Who'd have thunk it!!

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Thats Great, Northerner!
I'm also finding that a good dose of heat and sun is helping with the sprouting. I had a few more 'stubborns' pop up with about three days of decent warmth. I didn't label well enough though, so I'm not sure what some of them are. For the last three weeks we've had so much wind that even though the sun is out it's still quite cool, but all it took was a few days.

I WS'd some Euphorbia (kilamanjaro) in April and it really pulled through on those warm days. Its cool and rainy (aaak s***y, too) so I'm hoping one more warm spell after this will bring the Rudbeckias and Trollius (fingers crossed).

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

Cannas and tropicals are not good candidates for our zone. I'd sow those ones indoors.


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