Crazy Ontario Weather

northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)May 24, 2013

Hi everyone:
If you're like me, you are totally frustrated with the weather here. I got halfway through hardening off my tomatoes and peppers when we got a freeze and I had to stop. I have just finished the second round (yesterday) and here we have another cold front with temps. down to 3 degrees tonight. The forecast does not call for frost, but just in case, I brought my toms. and peppers in about midnight. I'll put them out early tomorrow and hope for the best. Although the weather is crazy my WS seeds have done quite well. Had no success again with Red Hot Poker or Astrantia (purchased seed from T&M), but almost everything else did fine. My petunias were quite sparse in comparison to other years, and my parsley gave me only a few plants, so I bought a couple pots from Walmart and they are planted out. A first for me this year is pre-starting gladioli indoors. I did it in a shallow pan of water and they took off!! Our first freeze came when they were ready so I had to hold on to them until yesterday. Some of them were over 18 inches tall already. Will see how this translates into earlier blooms. One other new thing for me this year is liatris. Loblaws had these little bags of dried up looking corms, so for the few dollars I took the plunge. I put them out near the end of April in paper pots since I read they don't like to be transplanted. Yesterday after a couple days of rain they are pushing through the soil. I have tried them from seed with no luck, and I had a few white ones many years ago. I tried to move I know why I lost them. My garden has been quite pretty for the past days. Thanks to winter sowing I have lots of flowering ground covers and shrubs, which makes for a nice spring. Will post a pic. when I can. So how is everyone else coping?

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I planted all my wintersown brassica - lettuce, spinach, chard, brocolli, kale, arugula, cabbage - in mid May, and yeah, the weather was crazy. Luckily, all my seedlings survived near-frost temperatures and even hail!

I even planted one tomatoe (grown under lights), on May 20 or something like that, and it looked pretty dire for awhile, but it bounced back.

All in all, despite the wierd weather which threw off my cukes and peppers, and despite me having done a terrible job at hardening everything off, everything is growing and flowering! Beginner's luck I suppose!

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I know what you mean about our weather. Still doing the same now in summertime lol. My Dad always said don't plant till after May 24th and that is what I still do. Most of my plantings lilies, morning glories, gaillardia and all the veggies are doing quite well , at least so far.
Good luck with your gardens.

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