Where did everybody go??

threedogniteMay 5, 2007

Is anybody out there??

I have really missed the conversations in this forum...I felt akin to all of you still waiting for sprouts. I think my first sprouts finally came in around April 28th. I now have poppy, lettuce, TOMATOES (I really didn't think they would germinate), broccoli and lupine. there is still a lot that don't have any sprouts at all; but my indoor sown seedlings are looking good.

I hope you all finally had success w/ WS this year. This is my first year and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. :D


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Hi Pam,I have lupines, hollyhocks, snapdragons,Cherokee Sunsets and dahlias doing just fine. Isn't it fun? M

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

I was wondering the same thing, but I guess we are all out in our gardens. I have so much weeding to do, new beds to make, perennials to move around, and I have to water my seedlings almost every day. I did lots this year and have not had any success with Astilbe, Sweet peas, or Columbines again this year. I may break down and buy some at the nursery this year. I found a Nelly Moser Clematis on sale at Canadian Tire last week and bought it. I had sown some seeds, but they are reported to be difficult to grow from seed and also time consuming. So that's where we are!

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Good Morning Pam,

I think we're all out there somewhere in the green stuff! :O)

I'm having great success this year as well. So far I'm excited about all the Butterfly Bushes which have germinated as well as the Butterfly Weed. Can you tell I'm going for Monarchs?

I have a few which will be ready for the gardens this weekend. The Bachelor Buttons are bursting out of their pots, and I've got to get them out.

A bit overwhemled - so much still to do to prep the gardens.

Have fun!!


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I'm here but only usually after the sun goes down...been edging gardens, watering seedlings, seeding and feeding the lawn and anything else I can do outside.
I've got a bunch of seedlings ready to plant and lots still sprouting. Lots of poppies, sweet peas, morning glories, nasties, geez there's so many I just can't think..I think my brain got fried today! LOL.
Anyhow, still plenty of work to do...it's all fun I think though!!
Hope everyone else is having fun too!

Happy Gardening!!! :o)

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When I'm not at work I have my eyes stuck to the tops of all the pop and milk containers in the back yard!!! First year W/S and so far it is working great!!!

Astilbe, Lupins, Prairie Sun and Cherokee Sunset Rudbeckia, Dusty Miller, Nicotiana, Gazania, Viola, Lobelia, Pansy, Malva (only two sprouts so trying another container), Heliotrope - all have green stuff coming up!! Have some others that haven't decided what they're doing yet but my fingers and toes are crossed!! We are supposed to hit 31 today - yikes! - so was out there this morning letting some air into my babies. Don't want to come home to - gasp!! - cooked greens for dinner!

Happy Gardening! : )

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cziga(Zone 5 -Toronto)

Oh that's funny, I also bought a Nelly Moser Clematis on sale at Canadian Tire :) I've been mostly outside as well, with the shovel, compost and bags of peat moss, getting everything ready to plant in.

I had some sprouts - Columbines, Hollyhocks, Dianthus, Centaurea, Malva, various Poppies. The hollyhocks that I collected seed from my garden have come up fine. Hollyhocks that I received in trades from others haven't come up at all . . . which is the majority of the HHs that I sowed. It was a little disappointing and I've yet to figure out why. They were all in the same area, so maybe something about lack of water, or sunlight or something. Still, disappointing. There were some interesting ones.

Annuals are still coming up, so I guess there is still some time to see if anything else will poke it's head up.

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