Chilean glory Vine Cont'd...

northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)June 3, 2008

During the winter Wendy posted a message about growing this vine and I too had some questions. I grew mine indoors and had great germination. Now I have a mass of very fine, fragile, pale green vines, and I wonder if I have the right thing. I cannot imagine these growing into anything that would climb a trellis or a shrub. Wendy, did you have any success? There was a reply from Wlongon, who had grown them for 4 or 5 years. Can you tell me whether you grew them in pots, in the ground, etc. It's time for me to do someting with them. They are hardened off and ready to go. Thank you.


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Hi Northerner,
Yes it sounds like you have the right thing.Mine had great germination this year as well. Yes they are fragile but once they get going they will fill in and you will have lots of flowers in August and September. I have grown mine in both pots and in the ground. I have just put some in a large pot on my deck so that it can climb the lattice panels surrounding our deck. Hope this helps.

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My one spring-sown seedling to come up is about the size of an apple seed (like all my seedlings:o( ) Maybe it will do something by....August? LOL

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

Thanks for your replies, ladies. Wendy (wlongon), you have put my mind at ease about the identity of the plants. I do have a large planter on my deck, but I think it would look odd with a lattice sticking out of it, since my deck is open. Maybe another large pot on my patio. Wendy2shoes, I sowed mine indoors on March 26 and had good germination, and no trouble in keeping the plants going under lights. I read of one gardener who started hers indoors in her bedroom window and was successful. I don't think they like to be outdoors in our Ontario spring - they are really tropical. Will post pics. if I get any blooms.

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