ISO Spicy smelling carnations seeds/seedlings ! ! !

soozJune 10, 2012

DH and I returned from the Del Mar Fair out here in San Diego county. While at the flower exhibits (awesome!), we noticed a group of about 5 stems of carnations in a glass vase and they received a ribbon for scent. We both smelled this small bouquet and it was awesome! The info card said nothing more than "carnations" and the exhibitor's name.

I would LOVE to grow some carnations from seed or seedlings that would have the spicy fragrance I associate with carnations! Store-bought or flower shop carns have no fragrance, although they have lovely long stems.

In the past, we've purchased some seedlings that were supposed to be fragrant. Not only was that a lie, but they were also stubby, as if they were supposed to be--of all things--a ground cover or something! They were about 4 inches tall.

We've checked the local nurseries and home stores without any luck as to spicy-smelling carnations.

Could anyone please direct me to a source for these?

Many thanks!



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They used to be called "Pinks" or "Cottage Pink", the real mane is Dianthus plumarius. You should be able to order the seed. Most of my seed I get from Hazzards and they should have it. Al

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manifest(USDA 11a, Sunset 24, CA)

I've grown some Dianthus superbus. Got the seeds from eBay. They had a wonderful spicy-sweet scent and a pretty frilled flower.

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Here are two of my favorite seed stores for fragrant seeds, Select Seeds and Summer Hill, they carry pinks (dianthus) and/or carnations:

Carla in Sac

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Thanks, everyone!


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Need2SeeGreen(10 (SoCal))

I have some Chaboud's Mix plants with fragrant flowers. I haven't mastered how to grow them yet, they always seem dry in parts. But the flowers smell great.

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