Stunted Brug

averil(8b)July 2, 2012

Hi folks, I bought a brug cutting from ebay in April. Its been outside for most of that time (weather is vile). This fella does not seem to want to get any taller. At the moment it is about 1 foot tall and has loads and loads of new growth shoots coming out of the main stem which makes it look like a shrub. I have just put it into an unheated greenhouse, because temps here are not good. I dont know how to encourage the main stem to grow

Any advice is appreciated

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Hi Averil-
First of all, welcome to the forum. Where are you located? It really helps greatly if you post what growing zone you are in to give us a better understanding of your circumstances. What do you meant by - "the weather has been vile"? Your brug sounds very healthy. Those new shoots need time to grow out. As temps. warm they will. Any more info you provide will help!

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Hi Kasha, We meet again. Ha ha ive made a right old mess of putting up these threads eh?. Ive no idea what my zone is and i wouldnt know where to find out bless me. I live in Salisbury, Wiltshire, uk. The weather .... well what can i say really, ..... rain, rain, rain and more rain. Very little in the way of sunshine and a few gales thrown in here and there just to make things a bit more interesting. Ive just got a greenhouse which isnt properly sealed up yet but ive put my brug in there today just to put him in a calmer environment, hoping that may encourage him.

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Ive googled around and it looks like im zone 8b, i shall update my page

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Some Brugs, like Sam, don't grow tall but they have really nice flowers. If you let it grow like a bush you will get many more blossoms. Good luck.

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Good to see you here again! That's fine posting a lot, makes it interesting here! Are your temperatures warm? Here is a link to ideal temps for every brugmansia.

As you can see, they can tolerate quite a bit of variances.They don't like to stay wet, and strong gales can blow them over and damage them. I hope this helps you a bit!

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Thanks Bill and kasha, I shall have a look at that weblink

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Averil, I am new to Brugs. and purchased 3 brugs in this spring. I am experimenting my 3 brugs. One is prune to tree form, single stem, the other two was multi-stem to 3-4. My single stemed Brug just "Y" 3 days ago which means I have hope of seeing its flower and smelling its fragrant before winter comes. The other multi-stemed Brugs, have not "y" yet but grow a lot of leaves. It seems to me, let the plant concertrating its engery to one stem is a better way to have earlier bloom.

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Thanks for that olympia. This one of mine just doesnt seem to want to go upwards, Im just hoping that when all this new growth gets moving it will start to grow a bit more. I darent take any of the side shoots off the main stem because there would be nothing left of it ha ha. He looks a bit like a brussel sprout plant. I have recently bought a herrenhauser garten from ebay to discover its very difficult to get that type to flower, although it looks like its going to be tall. I shall just keep my eyes on the little fellow and hope he sprouts soon

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Averil- I would think that brugs would flourish in your part of the world. Many great hybridizers live in the UK!

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Hi Kasha, yep they do grow well over here so far as i can see. Im a newbie with these plants though and not sure what is "normal" and whats not ha ha. As they say ... "its a learning curve"

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