jjjb(9b; ss18-19)June 21, 2013

SOMETHING has been eating my pomegranates.
I am in suburban Southern California in a regular "subdivision" home. This is my first year in this home and new to California.

Have a lovely pomegranate tree in the back yard with a lot of small pomegranates ...... about the size of a golf ball or slightly larger.

I have been noticing fallen fruit with bite marks for the last week or so. Every morning I find one or two fruit partially eaten under the tree. The fruits are still young with white seeds inside and have a lot of ripening to do yet.

Any idea what animal this might be? I am not an expert but the bite marks are larger than what a bird might make.

I have been in this home a few months now, but never seen ANY animals in the yard. Birds, yes, but no rabbits, skunks or such.

The tree sits right along a 7-8 ft tall brick wall fence and I have neighbors on all three sides.

How do I catch / prevent this animal from getting to my young fruits and destroying them?

I need to do something quickly before all my fruit is gone.


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We have a problem with rats taking our green fruit. Al

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Min3 South S.F. Bay CA

Welcome to California! It's a beautiful place to live.
Try setting a live trap and you might be able to discover if it is rats or squirrels ruining your fruit.
Also check out the many rat forums here on garden web where you can get much more information. Sorry that you are finding that California isn't always the perfect place to garden that we all want it to be- we have to share it with hungry critters. Min

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I would second rats as your number one suspect.

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jjjb(9b; ss18-19)

Thank you all for the suggestions. Guess I wil be making a trip to Home Depot to get a trap.

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CA Kate

Try slipping a nylon stocking ( panty hose) bit/toe over each fruit. Animals aren't suppose to bite thru it. I tried both this and paper bags over grapes and it worked really well... But then we didn't have roof rats to deal with.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Yeah, rats. Set some traps. If you have a bird seed feeder, ivy groudcover, or trash-palms, get rid of them.

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jjjb(9b; ss18-19)

Thank you all. I got a trap but no success yet. Hopefully soon.

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