Where can I find info on care of in-ground Brugs?

kiphummer(9)July 24, 2011

Hi all,

Can anyone point me to a link, blog, site, book, etc, that gives good, detailed information on the care of in-ground Brugmansias and propagating new Brugs?

I live in the SF Bay area and I have 3 huge in-ground Brugs and 2 smaller in-ground Brugs that I propagated from the others. I am about to move to a new house, and I want to take tons of clippings with me. Most of the advice I've seen here is for potted Brugs in colder climates that must overwinter inside.

I'm never sure if I'm propagating correctly. Nor am I sure I'm ever caring for my Brugs properly. Some summers they're tremendous. Some summers they have issues. Sometimes I cut them back severely overwinter and sometimes I don't touch them (of course some winters we do have a few nights below 28 other winters none). Would love to do what I need to do to always have healthy, beautiful Brugs!



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ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)

Some day if you are nearby them, drop into Monterey Bay Nursery. They should be able to give you all kinds of help growing Brugs in the ground in your area. Years ago I saw this picture of their Charles Grimaldi planted in the ground prior to the 1998 big freeze. I just looked the nursery up and they still show this image.....click on the link below.
I am in Zone 5 so have to bring mine in over the winter so am unable to give any first hand info to your question, sorry.

Here is a link that might be useful: Charles Grimaldi prior to 1998 at Monterey Bay Nursery

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

I have one Dr. Seuss brug in ground. It will grow until the temps get down below 40o nightly and it starts to drop leaves. I cover all around the roots with 6" of mulch. When we get a freeze the branch tips will get mushy. If we continue to get freezes it will die back and I cut it down to about 6" above ground.

In the spring, I pull the mulch away and start to water. If it's been a cold winter, the roots will produce new shoots but the old top is dead. I don't cut the old top away until the new shoots are growing so as not to disturb them. This brug has survived a surprise 15o low and a record 65 consecutive hours below freezing we had last winter.

It was planted in ground in the early spring to give it plenty of time to establish. Since you don't get as cold you could probably plant it out now. I always take cuttings as insurance but last year my cuttings died so I was glad to see it come back. It's growing slowly this summer due to the cold winter and unusually hot spring. In my mom's zone 9 neighborhood the brugs are quite large and go dormant in the winter but pop right back in spring without die back. Most of the ones I see there are really just left to grow without a lot of fuss. This is common all around the deep south where you often see them growing along sidewalks and side yards where they get little attention.

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T hey like alfalfa meal. I use horse pellets because they cost far less. I lost a huge peach one this year in the ground for ten years when we had multiple 10 degree days. Made it last year in 12 degrees, so I didn't think too much about it--trying to save edibles. I don't cut them back, just deadwood in Spring.

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