Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)June 30, 2007

Any late laggers surprise you lately?

Just noticed the other day after all this wonderful rain we had over the last few days, the Penstemon confertus has finally sprouted! I'm so happy because I've tried this one a few times with no luck.

How about you have you had any laggers lately? Or have you dumped your containers already?

Do you store your non-sprouters out of the way incase they germinate next year?


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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

Yes, Sharon, I do have some laggers. I recently discovered a WS Astilbe sprout - it was the only one out of two containers and I found it because I decided to re-use the container to summer sow some of the same seed. That single WS sprout is potted up and coming along slowly, while all the summer sowed seeds have sprouted - but they are so small you can't do anything with them yet. Secondly, I was cleaning up last week and noticed that my Celone (turtle head) container has a little seedling in it. I hope it's a plant but will have to find some time to id it. I am still planting out 2nd year blooming perennials and making beds for them. I do keep my containers going as long as I can e.g. my roses are still going in case they take more than one year...don't know if they do. Last week I dumped my delphiniums - I think they are finniky.

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