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blackgavotte(5aNS)October 7, 2006

wonder if anyone can help identify my little vine without a picture? It was here when I bought the house nearly 2 years ago, I chopped it down severely the first year, thinking it might be a weed, it came back strong as ever. I like it. I was told it was a weed but I am not sure, in any case I like it. It has a rather fine, smallish leaf, and a delicate type of tendril too, its not a large looking vine, but does grow well and has tiny purplish starshaped flowers off and on through the season, and pretty little red berries in the fall. I am happy to leave it alone and maybe give it a trellis soon. thanks in advance.

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Sounds like nightshade.

Here is a link that might be useful: nightshade

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Sounds like nightshade to me as well.

All parts of this plant are poisonous.

If you have kids and/or curious pets around, I'd yank it. Even visiting children can be curious.

I yank mine.

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