sweet potato vine

yugoslavaOctober 6, 2009

My neighbor, who's Asian, shares with me her vegetables and flowers. She showed me some foliage of which she had a lot and when I inquired she showed me sweet potato. She also told me when the vine starts to grow one can pinch a tip several inches in length, plant it and start another plant. I'm interested if the leaves are edible. Sweet potato vine is grown as an ornamental. Until she told me I never knew it was edible. Please enlighten me!

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I'm always cautious about these things amd so to be on teh safe side, I'd rather not eat these things unless it's promoted as edible.

I know as a child we grew the real sweet potatos (not the ornamental kind) and we would steam the leaves and use it for salads. The colours of those leaves were dark green and sometimes purple. They looked very different from the ones I've seen here. I don't really know much about the hybridized potato and perhaps to be on the safe side, contact the source of these plants to see if it's true.

As for pinch growing tips of the vine.. The answer is yes. I do it often. In fact, many tropical plants are started through cuttings.

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