Miniature Orchids, Begonias and More

epiphyte78(9)June 19, 2013

This Friday evening at the LA Arboretum the Los Angeles Fern Society will hold a presentation on Begonias/Terrariums. The meeting starts at 7:30pm.

The presenter will be bringing some Begonias for the raffle table and I'll be bringing a few plants to sell via silent auction. Mainly miniature orchids, but also a fern, a Rhipsalis and a Tillandsia. All have been grown outdoors year around.

Here are photos of the actual plants that I'll be bringing to sell...

From left to right...

Pleurothallis minutalis, Tillandsia capillaris Pitchfork and Tolumnia hawkesiana, Tolumnia bahamense

From left to right...

Trichoceros oñaensis, Bulbophyllum shepardii, Dendrobium prenticei

Restrepia trichoglossa mounted with Pyrrosia lanceolata?, Hatiora rosea, Kalanchoe uniflora, Peperomia hoffmannii? and Rhipsalis

Pleurothallis leptotifolia

Campylocentrum and Cleisostoma scolopendrifolium...two of the smallest monopodial orchids.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

How did it go? These are amazing orchids- thank you for the info and the photos.

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The presentation was quite excellent. I learned that vermiculite works well for rooting cuttings and that some, if not all, Sinningias can be grown from leaf cuttings.

They really are amazing orchids...but the average highest bid was $3! Yikes! On one hand, I'm losing my shirt...but on the other hand I'm sharing some really great orchids with other plant enthusiasts.

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