What's Blooming in Your Garden?

northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)July 24, 2006

This is my second year WSing so I did quite a bit more than last year. What has bloomed so far: Harebell and Verbascum (Perennials WSed last year); petunias (yellow & fuschia); gomphrena; calendula; lavatera (pink); Naturtiums (mixture of colours);creeping thyme; dark-eyed Susan (surprise - WSed this year).

Sweet potatoes doing well in pots.

Still waiting for: salvia; asters, and morning glory.

Stachys,Armeria ,Rose Campion, Cerastium, Shasta Daisy all sowed this year will bloom next year. Also have some WSed hosta seedlings, and purple coneflower.

On the veggie front: heirloom tomatoes (2 types) and cherry tomatoes, green peppers,cucumbers, hot peppers have blossoms. Lettuce has been harvested. Still harvesting green onions, cilantro, basil, oregano. Zucchini, Okra, beans all doing well. Parsley & thyme seem to be struggling.

Of course my usual pots of begonia, impatiens, dahlias, oxalis, small amaryllis, and tube-roses (I have a bud at last)are doing well. I seem to have done more than I thought. What about you?


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Astilbes!!! Lots of them!! I have whites which were sent as a trade and the trader couldn't remember what colour they were. Since I wanted whites, that was a bonus.

Annual Allyssums, Nasturniums, Lavateras, Cynoglossums.

The Hollyhocks are starting - sown last year. One is a peach and another is a yellow. Many others are not showing their colours yet, but wait a couple of days. LOL!!

One persistant Gaillardia planted three years ago.

Althea Officinalis - Marshmallow plant - just started today. One is about 9 feet tall. Sweet Williams and Coreopsis Domino at their base are covered in blooms.

Lynchnis Chalcedonicas are still at it. I have salmon, white and the red/orange. Lynchnis Haageana just sown this year is also blooming. Nice little perennial for the front of the border! Loads of Lynchnis Coronaria too.

Lots of Dianthus still in bloom.

Lavenders are just starting as are the Butterfly bushes.

Clustered Bellflowers and Balloon Flowers. I also saw a butterfly weed which is just about to bloom.

I know there's more...

Oh, and the Anchusa, perennial geraniums, obedient plants...

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Right now I have lots of dianthus blooming siberian blue, knappii, spotty, firewitch, king of hearts, rainbow loveliness are all putting on a fantastic show. Rudbeckia's Indian Summer, Toto, Cherokee Sunset, Irish Eyes, Rustic Dwarf and chocolate orange and Prairie Sun. Lavatera is still blooming, Malvas also are doing great but they self sow like crazy. My poppies are still going strong. Finally got chinese forget-me-nots to sprout and they are blooming I love these. Lots of annual bachlor buttons. Balloon flowers have started blooming. Penstemons, Purple Salvia, and Salvia sclarea turkestanica is absolutely wonderful. Coreopsis and Shasta Daisys are doing great. Tried Balsam for the first time this year and it is blooming also nierembergia is covered in soft white blooms.
Earlier in the season my wintersown columbines, penstemons, aubrieta, lychnis and jacobs ladder did great.
The seeds from your globe thistle you sent a few years back is now a 4x4 plant and I adore it! I am sure that there are more but can't recall them now. I am waiting on some annual Asters to start blooming. Can't wait to start seed trading this fall I have a huge list of things to try.

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