oh come on!!

ladybugsmom192(9)June 28, 2010

well, i guess i'll just give up on my cabbage, bell peps and the collards. just when i started (at least feeling like i had) things under control with the aphids, the white moth caterpillers, a red ant swarm, kamakaze white butterfly moths, and those other little brown bugs - mother nature goes and pulls a fast one on me, lol!!

97 degrees today, 100 tomorrow..... i hope the heat isn't too much for you all here in the east bay.

happy gardening,


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My tomatoes love the heat, but me, and everything else, would like to turn it down a notch. I save the big garden jobs for the occasional foggy morning. Al

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i understand al. although my tomatoes look a bit tired of the heat, a little "wilty".

and the good thing about living in the east bay, near the water is that eventually our famous fog rolls in with a vengeance and cools things off. and that's happened today - no 100's for my area... yay!

thanks :)

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