Snow already

sammyqc(NE Quebec/zn 4/5a)October 22, 2006

I just spent the early afternoon digging up my cannas, callas and dahlias while it snowed! I guess it was cold enough last night that the frost finally got them so it was time to bring them in. And these guys were all in the same bed, obviously very happy with the compost this year, cause they've multiplied like rabbits, especially the cannas. I couldn't believe how huge and how many bulbs there are now. Incredible. And now I am finally cutting down most of my brugs, so I would like to re-offer cuttings to anyone who would like some to come and pick up in Aylmer, Quebec. I have them in water now, so you can arrange to pick them up pretty much anytime. My schedule is very flexible.


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Hi Sam:
First time posting here - I hope more people discover it. Now that winter is almost upon us (in your case, already here), everyone will have more time to post.
I'm sorry I don't live closer, I would love to try some of those cuttings! It's all for the best anyway, 'cause I don't know where I would put them - the ones I've seen are pretty big!
I hope you don't mind, but I have a question for you - you mentioned digging up cannas, so maybe you can help me on this; I have a big one stuck in a clay pot. I cannot get it out without breaking the pot, it grew so much this summer. Can I just stick a knife in the middle between the 'eyes' and cut it into two or three pieces? Then possibly I can get it out of there in chunks. Will that work or will I kill it? This is my only canna, 2nd year, and it's in a really big clay pot (very heavy) that I don't want to lose. Thanks for your help!

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sammyqc(NE Quebec/zn 4/5a)

Hi there. I think you would be safe cutting it, as long as you let the peices dry out before storing or replanting. When I was digging mine out, some of them got 'broken' into chunks, because they were just too big to dig out whole. And you will have more cannas next year.
This is the first year I grew them in this particular spot, which was very sunny, and a box bed that I use for composting during the winter, so I had no idea they could grow so much. Before, I had them planted in a somewhat shadier spot, and pretty much ignored them. They grew about 3-4 feet. This year they were at least 7 feet tall, and the bulbs more than tripled in size. Amazing!!
And if you change your mind about the brugs, I could send you some cuttings. I have many more than I can keep, and it is possible to keep them smallish, for overwintering. Not very many people have expressed an interest, which is kind of funny.

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Hi Sammyqc;
Sorry you're not getting too many takers for the cuttings - maybe everyone has a garage that is already full to bursting like I do! My son actually asked if he could park his CAR of all things, in there this winter. Ha! Where would I keep all my gazillion plants and cuttings? No Thanks, I won't be changing my mind about the brugs; I am now into roses and there is no more room in my smallish garden for any other new plants.
Thanks for the information on the cannas - I didn't know you had to dry the pieces before replanting. I really loved them last summer, they were one of the more dwarf varieties, something or other pink, and they bloomed continuously till October. At the rate they multiply I will probably end up with a canna forest!

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