crab grass

blackgavotte(5aNS)October 21, 2006

I decided, last year when I established my new garden, to do sort-of xeriscape. I had the landscaper put down landscape cloth under the gravel which covers the majority of my garden area...but still have crabgrass coming through. I was assured this would not happen ! I have been told Roundup is useless against it, so early this past spring I used some rocksalt, being careful not to get any in the beds, does anyone have any suggestions I can use for early next spring, I heard vinegar is good too. Hmmm Salt'n Vinegar.... Anything is better than the backbreaking pulling I had to do this season. If I had that young so and so here now......

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claubill(z3Sud ONT)

Last year, I had read about vinegar somewhere in this site so we used it this year and it worked. You just have to make sure not to pour vinegar anywhere near your plants. It worked so well that next year we're going to buy several big jugs.

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Claubill, do you dilute it down or use it full strength?


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Thanks... yes, do you dilute it, and how often last year did you use it? Did you put it into a sprayer or just pour some on the roots? I figure one year rock salt, one year vinegar, etc etc....till I win this war !!

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

Round up will kill crab grass. Landscape fabric stops weed seeds from getting to the soil but the seeds can still get into the gravel and grow there. They are easier to pull if in gravel. As crab grass is an annual, you don't have to worry about this year's crop returning and can concentrate on preventing next year's.

If not opposed to chemicals, you can use a pre emergent herbicide that prevents seed germination next spring. Then keep a spray bottle of Round up handy during the season to hit any seedlings that do emerge.

Salt and vinegar are potent chemicals and many think that it is actually safer to use chemicals.

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Thanks folks for the information. I will have the winter to do more research, that pre-germination herbicide sounds like the ticket and if round up will work, ( I was told it won't touch crabgrass but haven't tried it yet ) my problems are sort-of over. I know now what people mean when they say that #@%$^@# crabgrass !!

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