Blossoming Begonia in October, Vancouver

LilyROctober 18, 2011

I was walking toward VGH today (October 18), Laurel street and couldn't pass the beautiful display of begonias! You think it's a middle of the summer that's how gorgeous and in a full bloom they were!

Anyone knows where I could get those? They obviously didn't mind a few cold nights that we just had!

The red impatients next to them were also very much alive and thriving.

I would appreciate your advice as I'm a novice with gardening and this is the first time for me trying to convince my first begonia to go to dormancy state. I live in Lower Mainland. Thanks!!!

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

You'll be able to purchase begonia tubers in the spring, and you can buy impatiens at local nurseries, or start them from seed - they're pretty easy.

The foliage of your begonia will die off eventually, after you've had a couple of frosts. Lift the tuber then, shake the soil off and store it in a paper bag in a cool place (mine are in the area in our semi-heated garage where we keep potatoes, carrots and onions). You can plant it again in the spring. Advice given to me that worked was to lay it a bit of soil in a container and as the foliage grows, gradually fill it in with more soil until your container is full. It will need to be hardened off after growing inside, but with your climate, that shouldn't be too hard, and it should be good to grow in no time. :)

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