ws tomato comparison zone 3a

ljpother(3a)July 22, 2009

Sub Arctic Plenty started under lights

Sub Arctic Plenty winter sown

ws between potatoes and sugar snaps -- maybe it's not a fair trial :)

ws second batch (either Purple Prince or Visions) these were planted at the two leaf stage in a temporary cloche. I started the second batch because the first batch was slow to germinate. You really need to keep the faith if you're winter sowing.

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xaroline(zone 3 Calgary)

This year I have WS several varieties as last year I did Siberia as a WS and did get green tomatoes from them.
This year it is:
Red Siberian
Early Siberian
Glacier (Sweden)
Polar Baby (Alaska)
Siberian Golden Pear
We shall see how these do. It all depends on the weather over the spring and summer.

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I'm doing 50/50 this year. I'd have to look to see if I am doing exactly the same plants indoors. I had only a few seeds of some, so they might not have made it to the greenhouse. Most of my indoors are sprouting except for red brandywine and sub arctic plenty. I got about 6 more varieties at Seedy Sunday. They are exotic for me so they'll likely get started indoors.

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xaroline(zone 3 Calgary)

Seedy Saturday in Calgary was so crowded that i did not get to the tomatoe sellers booth. But I had gone in swaps last fall.

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The greenhouse got down to -3C overnight. It was 0C at 11:00 PM so it was below freezing for most of the night. I lost about half my ws tomatoes and an ivy geranium doesn't look healthy. Other than that everything looks fine. The survival of the tomatoes seemed to be related to variety. Ironically, the sub-arctic plentys are gone. Sophie's Choice looks unscathed. Purple Prince and Sweet Millions are about 50% or less. It's supposed to be below 0C tonight but today is sunny and the greenhouse is heating up. It's been holding about 3C above the outside lows. The sprouts were young and hadn't leafed out. The daytime temps in the greenhouse were considerably higher than outside so they probably sprouted earlier than they would have in a container in the backyard.

My tomatoes under lights are ready to pot up but I decided to wait until after this cold spell. They will be bigger than they should be but not dead.

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xcaret(Calgary Alberta)

I didnt have to plant tomatoes this winter as I had mine growing in 1 gallon buckets and just moved them into my large east window .Now I can pick a few cherry tomatoes for supper .Its amazing how little sunshine they need .I dont have lights on them and the room often gets only sun/daylight.I plan to grow them all winter and spring then transplant them into the ground outside.I only have cherry ones growing.But think I will try larger ones for next winter.

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Do you still have your pictures for the comparison?

I've never grown tomatoes from seed, but would like to try this year. I plan on trying a few in a snowbank, and a few in the basement under lights.

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email me or add an email address to your page

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