Canadian source for Pluots/Apriums?

dirtslinger2(6)October 14, 2012

I have never seen these available, yet they are incredibly tasty. Willing to mail order! Thanks for any help.

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You could try growing them from grocery store pits. I have 3 or 4 pits in the fridge now, will let you know soon if they grow. The ones from south of the equater will be showing up in the stores pretty soon. Otherwise, wait till later summer and buy the later ones from here. The very earliest ones don't have viable seeds, but the mid season ones might. The seeds from the late season ones look pretty good in the fridge now, but it is not quite time to plant them. Another choice might be Some years they have pluots/plumcots. I got trees from them this year and they were good. I had good news about them from a friend who also got good trees, so that's why I tried them this year.

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Thanks "jocelynpei" for reply. It's an instructive reply for me and it will be applied in future.

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Thanks for the idea.
I'm afraid these ones won't come true from seed, and being a complicated hybrid it's hard to say what you'd get.

I'm not sure why the trees can't be purchased here they've been available in the US for ages.

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Pluots are available in the grocery stores here now, Feb 22. Try a few from now, and a few more from 2 weeks from now, then another two weeks till you have eaten about 2 dozen and saved the pits in moist soil in a baggie in the fridge. They will need about 120 days or so in the fridge, so label the baggie with the date the last ones went in. Check on them every month or so and add a few drops of water if the soil gets a bit dry...don't overdo water though, as they need air too. The soil should be just moist enough to be crumbly but not soggy. Watch for sprouts after the 3rd month and pot any that are already sprouted. Some folks will place a seed on its edge and wrap it smartly with a hammer on the seam, cracking the stone. if you have a light touch, it will give you a few more sprouts. If you hit them too hard you will damage the seeds inside the stone and they will die later.

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