La Nina - more drought?

borderbarbJune 25, 2010

More need to water garden/yard, and more water rationing?

Signs of La Nina, and higher fire risk

New satellite images of the eastern Pacific show that a fading El Nino has given way to an emerging La Nina.......La Nina typically results in below average rainfall, which allows the landscape to remain drier for longer periods of time, often resulting in more wildfires.........Scientists detect El Nino and La Nina by monitoring changes in sea surface temperatures in the central equatorial Pacific. Above average temperatures represent El Nino, which can enhance winter rainfall in Southern California. Cold temperatures represent La Nina, a natural, periodic drying trend..........."The next few months will reveal if the current cooling trend will eventually evolve into a long-lasting La Nina situation," Bill Patzert, a Jet Propulsion Laboratory climatologist said in a statement.

Here is a link that might be useful: La Nina -

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

It seems like I have to water more now because of el nino, because my plants got adjusted to high water volumes. It's hard to wean them off all that water without having some of them curl up and die. I just a lost another pansy plant today.

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