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claubill(z3Sud ONT)August 6, 2006

I have a few varieties of hostas, i.e., patriot, fire and ice, and others. I actually prefer the variegated ones so I thought maybe I would wintersow some. However, when I look at my hostas, some have seeds and some don't. Is this normal? Another question: My fire and ice doesn't seem to be growing very much. Is it one of those hostas which will always stay small? I have other types of hostas which are huge.

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My hostas behave the same way in regards to some of them producing seeds and others not. I also noticed that last year my Fancis Williams gave out a lot of seeds, but this year looks like nothing at all. Not sure why...

Fire and Ice should be growing faster than what you describe. How long has it been there? If new this year, I wouldn't worry, but if older, there might be something underground or in the soil in that area which could be holding it back. I've heard of folks having to split this one in their third year.

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