Container clasp idea

xtreme_gardener(1b)August 5, 2007

I just thought I'd share my idea for clasping the end of mini greenhouse flats while I'm thinking of it.

I used spring loaded paper clips...

I found duck tape was inconvenient and after opening it a few times it wouldn't restick because it would get wet from condensation. I get alot of wind in my yard and these worked really well. I left duck tape on the one end I didn't need to open though and it worked fine. :)

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

Great idea Xtreme. Thanks for sharing. How neat your trays are! Do these trays work well for winter sowing? Is there enough 'head' room for the seedlings?

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Thanks Northerner :)
This year was my first try at WSing and I probably did more than half of my sowing in these trays. They seemed to work fine and I had good germination. They were also convenient for watering. I had some moss growth, but the plants were ok. I think I'll make bigger drainage holes next year. I managed to find some covers that are twice as high as the one in the photo though and I'll be using those next year for some seeds. Some things out grew their head room and others were so much slower germinating that it was no problem. I remember Clarkia and Dames rockets outgrew them.

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