Amaryllis in the ground

jenn(SoCal 9/19)June 4, 2012

I received a blooming Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) for Christmas '10 and was growing it in the original pot. I finally planted it in the ground last month; at that time, there were no leaves. I planted it at the same height as it was in the pot.

Soon, a couple of leaves started to emerge from the center. Then, the troublesome nocturnal critter dug around the soil and almost dug it up -- twice. I fixed the soil around it and gave it a little water.

Then I noticed the new leaves had turned brown. Thinking perhaps it needed some water (it's planted in a raised box in the sun, a little dappled shade from roses in front of it), I gave it a bit.

And now, there's a new leaf emerging!

I've never grown it in the ground and have no idea what to expect. Does it need more shade (morning sun only?). Not enough water in the sun? Why would leaves start to emerge, then disappear, followed by another one?

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For my amaryllis, I find these are tough plants which need very little water once established, and full sun. They will grow into a large clump which you will need to divide in a few years and you can share the extra bulbs with friends and neighbors.

Maybe you have a different kind of amaryllis, but that's my experience.

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jenn, in my experience these are harder to grow in the ground than in pots, maybe because of the snails. The first year you are dealing with a changeover in seasons, since the original bulb was treated to bloom in the winter. Normally these bulbs will bloom in Spring and go dormant in mid winter.

They like good drainage and are very susceptible to snails. Part sun is plenty with morning sun being best. Since the blooms don't last more than 2 weeks I like to combine them in large pots with other plants.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

If you have them in a dry area, you pretty much eliminate the snail problem since snails like moisture. Plant with about 1/3 of the bulb sticking out of the ground. In my Mom & Dad's old neighborhood they were growing in a hell strip without irrigation in full sun and had completely filled the hell strip. It was packed solid with bulbs and when they bloomed would stop traffic. I give mine a good soaking once a month in summer, ignore them otherwise. They do great!

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jenn(SoCal 9/19)

Thanks everyone. It might be best in the side yard that faces southeast that gets lots of morning sun until 1-2.

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CA Kate

I had a white with red stripes bloom a couple of weeks ago. I never thought about putting them in the ground.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Here I have grown them in the ground for several years with regular bloom about this time of year. Partial shade, on the drip system. I dug them all out last year as they looked pretty bad after the bloom as the hot summer got to them. They also did not look their best in the winter. I now have them potted in one gallon pots in a protected area, where they look good and some are blooming now. If I find a good location in the garden where they would look good when not in bloom I will put them back. Al

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Great thoughts, everyone! It always bothered me to toss the bulbs after they'd given their all over the holidays. It's great knowing there is life in the garden for them after that first big show--or there can be (snails notwithstanding).
Al, perhaps you might want to look for a spot where you can give them some camouflage when they're not looking their best. From the partial shade/drip system description, maybe a little geranium Rozanne or some other helpful but well-mannered cranesbill to weave around them?


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Mine are all growing in the ground. I place them near the base of the roses since they seem to bloom right before the roses take off. After they're done blooming, the roses pretty much hide their declining appearance.

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I have some planted in the ground as well.Also some in pots.I agree with others though that snails and slugs love them.Last year i fought mealy bugs all season on them,and the mealies won that battle.Some did bloom this year though,so all wasn't lost.

Do any of you plant the seed from these??

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jenn(SoCal 9/19)

Well, I'll see how it does in the ground now that a new leave is actually growing. Thanks again, everyone, for your comments.

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