Deer Proofing a la Winter Sowing.

tiffy_z5_6_can(5/6)August 24, 2006

When we first moved here in 2001, we decided to grow sunflowers. In 2002, we planted loads of them in a small meadow on the property. Just as they were about to bloom, the deers came one night and ate all the leaves and buds. The neighbours laughed at the sight of the stalks... My daughter surmised that the 'deers have to eat too maman'.

Since then, I hadn't grown any, but missed them. So this year I picked out some 'Kong' seeds and tried it. Last night the deers were on the property, but I guess this one is too tall!!


It has a huge bud at the top and I can't wait for it to flower. They also don't like the Marsh Mallow plants growing in the back. Deerproofing is starting to be fun!

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

Knock on wood Nicole, but I don't have a deer problem here at our acreage, DH and our dog scares them away if they come too close. I see Daylilies in front do they not eat those?

Good luck on the Sunflowers, I grow them every year too ;)


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They do eat Daylilies, but have been leaving mine alone. They nibbled on them 4 years ago, and haven't touched them since.

We do have two dogs, a Valleybulldog and a Black Lab, and ever since the sunflower fiasco in 2002, the deers had not been on the property except to pass through. But this year they decided to really attack the gardens.

After trying several things - including human urine and don't ask about application of said remedy which did not work - I began making my own concoction of garlic juice. It's been holding them at bay and I'm happy with the results. DH hates the smell of the stuff when I'm making a batch of it, but that's tough! I want gardens!!

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

Tiffy, I know how you feel .We don't have deer here but we do have squirrels. I gave up making concoctions to keep them away. The last year I sowed sunflowers, I planted a variety which grew taller than the roof, but they pulled the whole plant down. I have not tried them in years. I hear there is a new breed of 'seedless' sunflower I'm hoping to try. It's the seeds they want.

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