Has anyone wintersown apples?

FoothillsOrchard(2a)August 22, 2013

Heyo all -

I'm looking at growing rootstock from seedlings - have some malus Dolgo, Ranetka, and Baccata that I want to plant as the basic rootstocks for my little orchard in the inhospitable foothills of Alberta. Wondering if anyone has any experience with wintersowing apples? Also, any climate-specific tips for wintersowing in the Calgary/Millarville corridor would be greatly appreciated.

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geosankie(5a NEPA)

I just came across your note and , Yes, I have winter sown apples just for fun and maybe as some rootstock. It works very well as I sowed 8 seeds last winter and now have 8 little apple trees about 2 feet tall. I'll probably graft to 6 of them and let the other 2 mature in an out of the way spot just to see what I get. I used milk jugs and a sterile potting mix and no fert until a few true leaves showed up ( weak MG ).

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Thanks for the follow-up! I put some seeds out in 4 jugs last month... looking forward to see what comes of it.

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Well, 4 seeds survived out of a whole bunch sown. Ranetka & Dolgo (Baccata didn't take root at all). The little guys are about 6 inches tall and were transplanted from the milk jugs to larger pots. Hoping they'll survive the (too-fast) upcoming winter.

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