Angels Summer Dream fragrance?

kimka(Zone 6B)July 14, 2010

I just had my first flowers from a recent purchase of AngelÂs Summer Dream (from Logee's summer sale so it should be true to name). Unlike my other brugs, it didn't seem to have much of a fragrance.

Have other people found it to be lacking in fragrance too or is this just the strange weather we've had in around Washington DC this summer.

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Wish you would have posted a pic don't think I have ever seen that one love all the angel collection. I have a few angels sunbeam and angels flight waiting for them to grow to flower If they don't have a strong scent I will be disapointed angels exotic is a strong grower too Later this fall I should be posting a few pic's

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Make sure you sniff it at night. A lot of mine only smell strong then. In the early evening or morning they have almost no scent. One is so strong I can smell it when I walk out the door and sniff my way over to it but others have a more slight fragrance and you have to sniff the flower.

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I received mine back in early May and had a flower developing for the last 3-4 weeks but killed the flower as it was getting ready to open by overwatering. I have another getting ready to open and I can let you know if smell anything.

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I have a few of the angel's varieties but none have held their buds yet. Hopefully I'll get blooms this season. I can only smell brugs in the evening. None of mine have any fragrance during the day.

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My Angel's Summer Dream has been slowly dropping the flowers out of the buds over the past week. So far as I am seeing color develop, at this point have no fragrance at night on mine.

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Yes my Angels Summer Dream has fragrance at night but not strong enough that it carries long distances.

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My Angel's Summer dream has been flowering for quite some time now. It is a real bloomer, keeps going and going and going. I havent been impressed with much fragrance and any fragrance I do smell isnt the kind of fragrance I like in Brugmansia. The flowers themselves dont last as long on the ASD as they do on my Supernova Brugmansia. I would give 3-4 days for each bloom to last. I will likely scrap it and try a Dr. Suess since I am more after fragrance than just a flower.

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