pomegranate tree that won't fruit

bardosJune 28, 2006

I have several pomegranate trees, one of which does not ever set fruit, although it produces tons of blossoms. It's been like this for about 4 years now. I imagine it is just a tree that doesn't set fruit. I'm planning to whack it replace it this winter with another fruit tree. Is this correct, that I should give up on it as a non-fruiting variety or something? It's a tree my wife bought at a market and not a home transplant like the other pomegranates I have.

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Oh... it might be one of the decorative varieties... which I see no use for, why did they make them? I just replaced one that someone else planted...

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Hmm, I bought a pomegranate 'wonderful' about 3 years ago and planted it. It has never fruited for me, but does flower beautifully. I was not aware that there were non-fruiting pomegranates though. Maybe this species is a bit different that your regular ones?

Im assuming mine will take about 5 years to begin fruiting.

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for sure it's a different species. Why do you assume 5 years and then fruit? do you know that this variety fruits like that?

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Well, 'assume' is the word because I bought it quite small. And it had a hard time this winter (i thought it was dying). So 3 years so far and Its getting taller, so I assume in another 2 it should kick in. Just a personal guess, not a scientific fact.

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kerrican2001(z9b CA)

Hm, from reading posts here over the years, it seems people either have a really easy time or a really hard time with pomegranates. We basically stuck one into the ground from a 15 gallon container a few years ago, and we've been getting gigantic fruit every year since, and we don't do anything to it. It's totally neglected and thrives on neglect and minimal water. Not sure why, but we seem to be lucky. Ours are bigger than any I see in the stores.

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i have 2 trees in my backyard and both produced fruit the first year, since then (now 2 years) only one tree has produced. the other one even changes and drops leaves much later than the one that produces friut. any ideas on how I can get both to produce?

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How much sun does your tree get?

My two "Wonderful" pomegranate trees get no fruit. They are in a shaded area, so I have just assumed it's lack of sun.I like the foliage a lot, so I don't mind. (I also don't know if this variety requires "cross pollination" with at least one other pomegranate tree.)

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pansysoup(CA 9/10)

"Wonderful" is strictly ornamental, and the double flowered variety definitely deserves space in a garden!

Usually pomegranates do take a long time to decide to "put out". Also I'm guessing that if you're feeding them, especially a high nitrogen fertilizer, it's all going into leaves. Let 'em starve and they'll fruit, as with tomatoes. I believe pomegranates are native to the middle east and are designed for a pretty meagre diet.

Good luck. And don't feel obliged to keep it just because it's there. Something luscious could be growing in its space.

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Pansy... wonderful is not just ornamental.... California Rare Fruit Growers http://www.crfg.org/pubs/ff/pomegranate.html say it's a fruit producer... and if you google it, there are many pictures of it's edible fruit.

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pansysoup(CA 9/10)

You mean I can eat that little light bulb looking thing?


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joereal(Ca z9/SS z14)

And here's the best way to eat pomegranates without colorizing yourself all over.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Peel Pomegranates

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hahaha, after so many years of being scared of the pomegranate 'mess', that link actually makes sense and I will eat them that way from now on. I remember my mom telling me not to get it on my clothes or the carpet 'cause it will not come off! I used to use a bowl and lean over it every time i bit all the seeds. Now with kids, I've never bought them due to the fear. Hopefully next year I will get my first crop, even if its a couple.

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we had a couple of very cold weeks in NM last winter. A lot of plants that never freeze were lost. My wonderful pomegranate is slowly growing at the base. Should I prune it back or not. It is now june and very hot.

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