A few very tall plants

northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)September 13, 2008

It's the end of our gardening season and I would like to comment on some surprises. These are plants that grow at least twice their size the second year. Some of them have been planted at the front of the border and will have to be moved. Do you have any surprises?

My first is Shasta Daisy 'Alaska'. Last year the plants were about 3 feet tall. This year, they were at least 5 feet tall, were flopping all over the place, and had to be staked. I ended up cutting them all back very early and have had a few re-blooms recently. Note the fence in the background is 8 feet high.

Then there was Agastache. Last year about 2 feet high, this year about six feet tall, with long fragrant lilac blooms which the bees and butterflies loved. The blooms are now whiter, drying, but still look attractive. Should provide good winter interest.

Another tall specimen is Monarda fistuloso, which I believe is a 'wild' one. This was about 2 feet last year, no blooms, but has grown to about six feet, needed to be staked, but is full of lilac blooms which the butterflies and bees love. Not a stunner, but quite nice.

Finally, what I call Heavenly Helenium. I sowed these last winter and they bloomed - lovely fal1 colours on 2 feet plants which were in time for our Thanksgiving. In fact, I used them as cut flowers for our thanksgiving dinner. This year, they shot up to 6 feet, but they are fully erect- no staking needed even after all our rains. They bloomed quite early this year, and it seems they will be around for Thanksgiving. I love these plants but will have to move the ones in front of the border next to the Gaillardia.

This is Helenium striatum - yellow flowers with brown stripes

This is Helenium superbum - plain yellow flowers

This is Helenium rubrum - red/rust flowers

Let's share our surprises. It could be helpful.


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lgslgs(z6 SE ohio)

I found your photos and comments very helpful. I've got first year agastache and monarda in my garden, and it was great to hear about how your second year plants are doing.


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hank2230(z5 Canton, Ohio)

Hi Northener,

I was Canadian, Brampton, Ontario, now American citizen too, still Canadian citizen .

Really nice pix, are you intested in trading for any or all pictured one. I have most of the same (butterfly garden) but nothing that grows that tall, must be that Canadian air. If you wish, go to the seed exchange and type in hank2230 to look at my seeds.

Happy Thanksgiving

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