Chilean Glory Vine (Finale)

northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)September 15, 2008

Hello everyone:

There have been a few threads about this plant on quite a few Forums so here is my experience. The seeds were sown March 26 indoors; excellent germination April 5. Contined to grow under lights and in window until spring. Moved outside to harden off. Planted out to a large pot June 25 and nothing seemed to happen until I put in a fabricated trellis. It then took off and has been blooming since Aug 18. This is a very heavy bloomer and has produced some interesting seed pods. I will definitely grow this again, but will be sure to provide a trellis as soon as I plant it out. I thought that, like some other vines, it would just grow and sprawl itself out, but it seems to need something to 'hold on to'. Here is a pic. of a few of the blooms.


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Good to know that it worked for someone! :) I planted it and it just fizzled out! I hope to try again next year. Love the blooms! I saw a plant at our local nursery and it was smothered in blossoms even though the plant wasn't all that large---in a small pot with just a small support.

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