ideal Indoor non-drainage plant

Chewy.HOctober 10, 2013

Just wondering if anyone has a suggested plant for the following conditions:

It will be in the glass bottle in the picture (no drainage)

It is currently October

It will be kept as an indoor plant

If you could suggest the ideal plant (or maybe a few options) that would be great. I understand a layer of small pebbles on the bottom will act as a reservoir for water, which will help since there will be no drainage and minimal evaporation.

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lucky bamboo (Dracaena braunii) seems like an ideal candidate.

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or if it's going to be a terrarium which after watering, you won't need to water for a year or so.. (in my case, may 2 years)

I use a variety of ferns, and other tropicals. works well.

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Mari11(z5a Toronto)

Cuttings of Aucuba root easily and feel happy for many months in water. (If you can find them...)
I've seen pothos growing in water for long time, quite ornamental.

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