Impatiens surprise!!

northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)September 20, 2006

Members of the 'Mother' forum may remember a discussion on the merits of WSing impatiens. From everyone's experience, the concensus was that they were not worth it - the blooms would be too late and the plants not vigorous (I think). However, I had collected seeds from my whites and reds of the previous year,and had already planted them, so I just left the seedlings (which were very small) in the containers over the summer until about a month ago when I went to turf them. Hating to thrwo plant out I just decided to plant a few in a pot which had some room and to my surprise, yesterday I had the most beautiful bloom and several maturing buds on one plant, while the other two plants are laden with maturing buds. This bloom is pink, a pale beautiful baby pink. Imagine doing that in one month. I could not believe it. Isn't Mother Nature great!!

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Ahhhh. Yet again, the 'consensus' is defeated!

I get a kick out of folks who discourage by insisting that (1)a plant will not come true from seeds obtained on exchanges, (2) it won't grow in your zone, and (3) it's not worth the effort.

Enjoy the impatient! You'll have to get a digi to post pics in the future...

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