Amaryllis help please!

EmmanaNovember 13, 2013

Last. Christmas neighbour gave me a huge flowering amaryllis. I kept it potted indoors and am still waiting for the 2- 3 foot long leaves to die off. There is no discolouring - it is green green green! What do I do to make it flower again? Thanks.

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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)

You could try cutting it off at the top of the bulb to encourage new growth... My mom had them but I haven't been able to get a hold of her to ask if this is what she did.


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As you can see in this website, cut back your watering and reduce the foliage.

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Thank you Ianna. I did it now can only wait for results. I hope a flower stalk shoots out! Tho I am good with many plants I am not able to nurture some types successfully. This is first try with amaryllis. Thank you.

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I stop watering mine entirely in November & store in a cool location....5-15 degrees. In January/February, I bring them out of storage one at at time and begin watering. The leaves are yellow by that point and they begin growing the flower stalk.

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