Unknown Cactus

joshuroMay 23, 2012

Hey guys, new around here. It would be great if someone could tell me what type of cactus this is. All I know is it's from Australia, that's all he [My Grandpa] told me before he passed away. My Grandma still has the original plant which has been growing for 30+ years, and they gave me this little guy like 3 years ago. Any ideas what species it is? I'm sorry, I know nothing about plants. Also I don't think it's very healthy, any advice when in it comes to soil type and watering?

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I cant really copy the link on my phone but ... no cactus is native to australia only the americas

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Ok i got it to work! It looks like some kind of ferocactus ... the one next to it is very much dead and that soil looks VERY bad, rot is immanent o_o get new soil with lots of pebbles and perlite

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Micro is correct. All cacti are from the Americas.

Zeck, we gotta talk about your pebbles. We use volcanic pumice or perlite because it's lightweight and porous. So, it holds a little water when it's wet, a little air when it's dry, and doesn't weigh down the pot. Rocks and pebbles only take up space but without the aeration it's dead space.

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Well i use volcanic pumice and on the dover of the bag it says volcanic pebble (same thing as volcanic pumice) sorry for the confusion o_o

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Oh, me also sorry too, as well;)

-Cookie Monster

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cactusjordi(z10 CA)

Looks very much like an Echinopsis, which is also pretty common in 'not C&S addicted' households.


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