Let's See How the First Timers Did!

i_heart_flowersSeptember 29, 2007

My first year at it - here are some of my successes!

A Little Pot of Lobelia Riviera Mix

Malva Zebrina - bunnies missed this one!

Hollyhock Creme de Cassis - with a little extra something thrown in thanks to our fine feathered friends-don't you just love surpises!

Salpiglossis Royal Mix - these did very well in pots and in the beds

Dusty Miller

Zinnia Zig Zag - these were great!

Salvia St. John's Fire - and the Portulaca that was supposed to be red!

Nicotiana Dark Purple - from seed collected in 2006

Here's my Cosmos that grew massive but didn't flower - one little bud here but that's it! Seems to be a good resting spot for everyone though!!

I was pretty pleased at how everything came out. Lots of misses but the hits were awesome!! Can't wait to get going again!

How did all the other first timers do?? Let's see!!!

I Flowers!

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

Well done, Flowers!! Beautiful pics. and what a wonderful beginning!! This WSing is surely addictive and one can really get carried away. With your success, I won't be surprised if you become another victim (ha!). Love your salvia - I must try that one next year and I have promised to try some zinnias this year - maybe these zig-zags would be a good one to try.

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Beautiful pics! I am even more anxious to get growing!!....and this season isn't even over yet :)
Your salvia is beautiful and the hollyhock is definitely something I will want to try, too.

thanks for posting.

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My first try at winter sowing was somewhat of a disappointment, as the weather warmed a seeds started sprouting, I moved all my pots to a portable greenhouse. In a nasty wind storm everything came toppling down. I had piles of pots and soil everywere, I tried to save what I could, the lavetera, lupine, sweet pea, and hollyhocks are all that survived out of about 40 different kinds of seed. I took it as a lesson learned, my plants could have been in there, I staked it down after the storm and we had some windy days after that but my plants survived the move outdoors to the greenhouse. This year the stakes go in first. Janet

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

Janet, I don't understand if you were winter sowing, why you were moving your sprouts to a greenhouse. That's the beauty of WSing, you just put them out there in the elements and let nature take care of them. You could reserve your greenhouse for your tender things like tomatoes, peppers, etc.

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Hey Janet, what Northerner said goes for me! I stuck those containers out in the snow and walked away....well, sort of! The only time I bothered moving them was when I decided I should but them in a bit more sun so I moved my set up to a sunnier area. One of the reasons I wanted to give the ws a shot was it was a "let them fend for themselves" type of thing. I went with the thought that they were either going to make it or not and happily a lot of them did, even with a hell of a lot of snow, ice, wind, couple of knock over's. It really is amazing how tough they can be!

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