Tall Cacti. What to do??

Ams_38562(6B)May 11, 2014

I've had these cacti for about 2 maybe three years.. I haven't a clue what they are.. I started them from seed in one of those mixture packets.. anywho I replanted them about 4 months ago and they have taken off!! they get plenty of sunlight, mostly outside 24/7 unless heavy rainfall. and plenty (but not too much water..
My question:
Can I cut the top half off and replant it? I know cacti are tolerant things but I have no idea if this is even possible.

Fyi (if this helps with identifying the type) this cacti doesn't have spikes/thorns.. more like hair

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I also have this cacti (the one leaning in the background) thats doing somewhat the same.. its getting so top heavy the roots are coming up.
Can I chop its top off too??
this one is very (and annoyingly) spiky..

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They're growing that way because they need more sun - they should be grown separate from Haworthias (the rosette plant in your second pic) because their requirements are vastly different.

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