Canadian newbie seed project?

greylady_gardenerOctober 6, 2012

I see on the other winter sowing forum that the organizer has posted that she will not send to Canada, but hopefully we will have some interest in winter sowing on this forum, so if there is any interest/need for a Canadian 'newbie seed pack', then please let me know.

I know that there are seed exchanges going on in the 'Canadian seed exchange' forum, but that is for people who have seeds to trade.

if there is any interest/need for a Canadian 'newbie seed pack', then please let me know.

It would work just like the one in the States, so if anyone is new (or not so new) to wintersowing and is interested in getting started with a pack, let me know.

Also if there is any interest and this takes off, then I would be interested in donations of your extra seeds for this project.

The packs would be a mix of common (or maybe some not so common) easy to winter sow seeds for flowers/herbs/trees/shrubs/veggies, etc., depending on what is donated.

Packs would be available on a 'while they last' basis. :-)

Winter sowing is so much fun and VERY addictive!! LOL!

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Hi Grey, I just sent you an email..!

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I would be interested in any flowering plants.I tried it last year but it failed due to weird weather/illness. I'm going to try again, but I really need advice! I'm hoping this forum will be my go to place.
What month do you guys usually start putting out containers?

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I should have posted this more quickly, but this is an explanation of how this project will work. It will run about the same as the one on the other wintersowing forum. I will be accepting donations of seeds for the next few months. These seeds can be any kind--flower, shrub, veggies, trees, annuals, beiennials, perennials, fresh, older----basically any seeds that you have that you are willing to share with others who would like to try their hand at WS.
Seeds can be sent to me (e-mail me for my address) and I will make up packages to send out to people who want to send me a sasbe--self addressed bubble envelope. If you don't have a bubble envelope, I can supply it for you, but I will need you to send the postage. At the minimum I need a mailing label and stamps for the return trip.
I believe the postage for the size of envelope with the seeds should be about $1.29, but I will look it up and post here if it is different.
The package you receive will contain at least 15 packages of seeds, but could be up to double that depending on the amount of seeds that I receive in donations. The seeds that you receive will be my choice. .
Anyone can participate. I use the newbie term because many of the seeds could be common. You can use them or trade them off. I will try to have your packet in the mail within 24 hours of receiving your envelope.
At the moment I send packs with my overflow, but hopefully I will get enough donations to continue and fulfill the requests that I hope will come. The idea is to encourage newbies and oldies alike to start or continue with wintersowing.
I will accept seeds in any form --you can send them in quantity (sandwich bags or envelopes) or package them in individual packets. Please have them clearly marked as to what kind of seeds they are. If you know the name/variety, that would be great, but if not, something like "marigolds- tall orange" would be very helpful.

I really hope to have lots of participation from both donors and people who want seed packs sent to them so they can wintersow.

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Hi Dianne,
This was a really bad year for WS for me also. Makes me all the more determined to be successful this year! :)

Could you e-mail me through my 'molo' account? I need to be able to reply to you.

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I'd love to! What the heck is a molo account?! LOL! :-)

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if you click on my name it will take you to my page and then you can click on 'send me an e-mail'. When you click on that it will take you to the page where there will be two ways to contact me. The first one (my molo e-mail account) is the direct mail to me and the second one is a way to send mail to me through gardenweb. The best way is to use the direct mail and not through gardenweb, so click on my address and send off an e-mail to me.

You should also set up your page to include your e-mail account so you can be contacted.

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i would be happy to put together a pack for you as well. message me for details.
have a good day

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quantummechanic90 thank you for your offer. I am not sure what kind of interest may come in the future, but right now it seems to be nil, with no one following up after their intitial contact. I have the first pack ready to go with a nice variety of seeds, but so far no takers. :)

I see you have just joined GW. You do not have your contact info on your page so you can't be contacted.

Keep checking back or contact me through my e-mail on my page, not through the GW form as it seems to be a bit unreliable, and I will hopefully be in need of more seeds if people come forward and want to get involved in WS.

thanks again

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Well I can see why we haven't had a project like this before now. :-) There really is no interest. People have contacted me but never followed through when I got back to them, so I guess I will cancel the offer.

Everyone must have enough seeds so get them wintersown! :-)

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