Greenhouse and Piles of snow

billybobc(4a)November 30, 2007

I live in Snow country. No matter where I put my flats for WS they will be buried deep in snow. Is that OK? I have a small greenhouse that is kept cold all winter, I read in another post that I would have to water if flats are kept in agreenhouse.If the soil is frozen in the greenhouse I really shouldn't have to water. The Inside temperature of the greenhouse does fluctuate considerably. But from Dec to March it will be barely warm enough to thaw out the soil. Please comment. Thank you.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Billy, you want your flats to be in the snow as it helps insulate them from the really cold temps. I think what was meant about watering more in a greenhouse would be in the spring when the temperature warms up inside it. Then the soil would dry out faster and need to be watered more. When it's dry, i set my containers in shallow pans of water. That would probably work for you in the greenhouse.

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Thanks Marciaz3, I thought the same thing about the snow and its insulating effect but then I read another post that said the fluctuating temperatures inside a Greenhouse throughout the winter would help to break down the hard seed coat sooner. What I think I am going to do is put 1 flat in the Greenhouse and the other in the snow, both with the same seeds and see what happens. I like your idea of the shallow pans and yes, that makes sense that the watering would be in the spring, but wouldn't that be the same if they were outside?

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

If they're outside, they're in the melting snow or in the rain and can stay moist that way. I don't have a greenhouse yet (promises, promises!) so, yes, my pans are for outside. They'd work just as well in a greenhouse. Temperature fluctuations occur both in an unheated greenhouse and outside. I suppose things would germinate faster inside, but then i assume you would heat your greenhouse in the spring when you are started more tender seeds in it.

It's good to experiment with winter sowing. A lot of people trying for the first time will start some of the same seed inside as well because they can't quite believe that this will work. :)

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