Free chipped/shredded wood

gardendollNovember 23, 2010


Last spring I was looking for chipped wood to fill in garden areas and paths. Being the scrooge that I am I noticed a hydro truck cutting back trees in the area from the power lines and shred them.

I asked one of the workers if they would be willing to dump the load in my drive rather than haul it away. Not a problem as they had more trees to do in the area and this saved them time.

Another freebie was a local area tree service who advertised free shredded wood. It saved them time and money as well.

Don't be shy to approach these services in the area and ask.

If ya don't ask, you don't get.



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Good advice Peggy.

I've solved my demand for woodchips/mulch earlier this fall when I purchased a garden shredder from Canadian Tire (under $250) Best investment I've made in a long time.

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