sambucus racemosa sutherland gold

ron1_2007November 15, 2007

I planted this last fall and this fall I wonder if I should prune it right down to soil level. Pros and cons? I would like to keep it somewhat in its intermediate zone of growth...not too woody and knobby.... any thots? Thanks,Ron

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It's an elderberry which does well up from zone 3- 8. Not much information on pruning practises, but I note it is described as a decidous plant. So perhaps to be on the safe side, just mulch it and observe it next spring to see where it starts to bud up from . Perhaps it will bud up from old wood or perhaps from the root core. In practise, I prefer not to prune any plants severely in the fall time because the branches and twigs act to catch the snow which in turn creates a form of insulation. I do my heavy pruning in early spring and only after I start seeing signs of growth.

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

I have a sutherland gold elder. As ianna has said, they are very hardy as well as very forgiving about being pruned.
If you want a low bushy shrub, then cut it low to the ground making sure that you leave a small framework of older branches for the new sprouts to appear on.
If you want a larger shrub, then only prune it down by half.
You can also prune it during the growing season to increase its branching and appearance.
I agree with ianna that pruning in the spring is best, so you can see what has been winter damaged and what is actively going to grow.


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do deer like this sambucus?

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I don't think so. Every shrub I've planted at one time or another has been chewed to bits by deer but never sambucus and I have quite a few. Loads of wild ones and several varietys from nurseries.

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I've had one of these for a few years. The first year I planted it was fine, the second year it got WAY big and methought..uh's too big for this space..

So I whacked it back pretty hard - took about 2/3 of it off and it's been very well behaved ever since..

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