jenn(SoCal 9/19)June 7, 2010

We have a narrow spot, about 24 inches wide, at the edge of the walkway to the front door, bordered on one side by the garage and the other by the walkway. In there, the landscaper planted Liriope, Heuchera, and Loropetalum chinense (which, I think, will get WAY too big for this spot) surrounded by Moneywort as a groundcover. This spot gets afternoon sun and water from sprinklers on a timer, but I wouldn't consider it a "wet" spot. The soil is rich clay with some amendment.

Having no experience with this plant, I looked it up after it was planted (it was in the ground before I could say "no"). I learned it is a spreader. Sure 'nuff, it's already busy forming a thick ground cover and has completely covered every bare inch between the plants, and is spreading into the other plants.

I am considering ripping it out while it is still young, before it really takes over. I bet it spreads an inch every few days. I don't mind having bare spots between plants if covered with mulch, so if given a choice I would have said "no thanks".

Wondering if anyone can share experience and give any advice.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Hi Jenn,

The loropetalum was a poor choice. I'd take it out now- it gets huge. Two feet is far too narrow.

My mom uses a reddish-pink begonia, tall with weeping green leaves, in her bed like that, with button ferns as filler. That would give you some color.

As I recall, Jenn, you really dislike spreading and potentially "invasive" plants, or am I getting confused? If my memory is correct, I think the moneywort might drive you crazy, so you might as well rip it out now and save yourself the anxiety. You could always fill in with more heuchera and liriope.


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davissue_zone9(z9 Sunset 14)

If by moneywort, you mean Lysimachia nummularia, I am starting to get anxious like you. I live in the central valley, which being too hot and dry for this plant to really be happy, I thought I'd be safe with it. It's relentlessly spreading at a moderate speed in part shade. It's gorgeous, I have the gold leafed form, but if I had any sense at all, I'd get rid of it before it starts overwhelming more delicate plants. But it looks so good! Sigh.....

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jenn(SoCal 9/19)

Hi Renee -- you have a good memory! Yes, I am the one who dislikes invasive plants, due to experience. I was concerned about the Lorapetalum due to its size at maturity, but I think he said this is a "dwarf" type --- though even the mature dwarf is too big for this spot. :-(

Yes davissue, I mean Lysimachia nummularia. Ours is dark green.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Moneywort is a very thirsty plant. It won't spread agressively or thrive without lots of water, which I didn't give it, so it eventually vanished. This was the experience in my garden.

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jenn(SoCal 9/19)

I hope that will be the experience in mine as well, hoovb. It's now covering the Heuchera... I mean completely covering it.

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Do you think that Ajuga might work as a replacement ground cover? My experience is that it is hearty, but not invasive.

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jenn(SoCal 9/19)

Hubby ripped much of it out --- or at least way back -- yesterday. Stems already rooted in the ground, and he said the roots already are well-embedded.

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