first time at winter sowing!!

jodygurl11December 21, 2008

hi fellow canadians!! I'm so excited to get started on wintersowing. I have read and read and couldnt wait any more so i started a whole bunch of tomatoes and flowers today...from what i have been reading though Im nervous that i started to early??? I read that you can start ws on december 20th so thats why I did it now....I planted 10 different tomato seeds and 6 varieties of flowers am I doomed for failure now?

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I couldn't wait either! I put 6 flats of flowers outside with more to do next week. Right now there is lots of snow cover so that's good. I'm hoping it's not to early. I have never started tomatoes for wintersowing. Might try that later but I won't sow them until March. Marg

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Have you ever had tomatoes sprout in the spring from fruit that dropped the year before? I have..that's nature 'wintersowing'. It can happen, and you probably will get germination. Wintersowing in March just means more will probably germinate (less chance of rot).
If the flowers were perennials, or hardy annuals (ones that reseed naturally) then you should be ok. Annuals like impatiens, yvonne's salvia, that don't readily reseed shouldn't be sown until April (in Ontario) for best results.
Let me know if you need some more seeds...;0)

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