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unicorn_2006November 28, 2006

I live in PEI Canada, I have a male and female blue prince holly. I am not a real experienced gardener. I bought the hollies about 2 yrs ago,nerver pruned them,I am wondering when and how to do so. They are not very big yet. They also have spots on leaves is that a problem, I would really like to use sometime for Christmas decor. Any help to my questions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

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Hollies are moderate growers given ideal conditions - a sunny spot which is sheltered from winds (areas where the snow accumulates on your property are perfect) and has moist but well drained acidic soil. Male hollies will grow slower than females and some have a short life span.

Acidic soil should not be an issues in PEI, since our soil here on the east coast is generally acidic.

Not sure about the spots on your leaves. I've never met with that problem.

Pruning is best done in late summer, fall, or early winter. If you wait for spring, you might be cutting off the flower buds as they are forming.

Give your shrubs some nice organic mulch in the spring or late fall. I use a homemade compost, and after being planted in poor soil for three years, this year they started to react to the nice compost I've been placing at their feet. There was lots of nice lush new growth.

Now if the deers would just leave them alone...

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