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merricat(Zone 3a Canada)December 13, 2006

Hello, mora, and thank you for the very kind reminder that I'm not forgotten in the GW forums. It was lovely to (finally!) check my email and find your nice little note.

I haven't been checking my eden_maker box for a bit, since I usually just use it for seedswaps/GW business, and I've been ridiculously busy lately. I *thought* I had taken care of all "old business" (sent seeds I promised, answered questions, etc), but I checked earlier today and found some sent seeds had gone astray....and THAT note was from mid-November. Oooops! I sent a new batch out today; I hope the first batch find a new home somewhere.

I've been busy with working full-time again for the first time in many years. I love the work - it's in a place that sells house-building supplies, and I've been doing building/renovations for for years - but it's been an uphill battle. I stupidly ignored a cold, which decided to become bronchitis, and cheerfully headed to pneumonia. [Oh, SPIFFY! :-( ] My lungs have stopped rattling, so I'm focusing on job and school (saving up for my Masters in forensics AND my Master Gardener certification). So, despite my best efforts, I seem to have a life again. :-)

And here's something to share with all you very neat people - I think at least some of you may realize what a YIPPEEE! thing this is: today, for the first time in over 7 years, I find myself at under 200 lbs. Not by "trying"; just by working my tushie off (quite literally!). Lots more energy, need less sleep, and feeling generally better. Even my tremors are less. Let's hear it for the Work Like Crazy Diet! :-D

Next year's garden is going to be minimal. Tomatoes, of course (and I STILL can't find Accordian anywhere), but all else will be landscaping. I'm taking a year off "new" garden work so I can finish off what we have here. I've also taken over the store plants and installed a large aquarium in the manager's office. He's good-naturedly grumbling that I'm moving in, but they're an amazing bunch to work with (it's a Totem store in St. Albert), and they seem to like my green thumb. Next spring I'll be hauling in my extra tom seedlings for staff to try (thanks to YOU all and your amazing generosity after the Great Tomato Massacre of '06).

On that same topic: Mita - don't think you're EVER forgotten. Much Metta, my're a lovely and amazing person! And, as soon as I can get 2 days off in a row, I should be able to finish a little "souvenier" of our "oh dear where are those seedlings?!" transfer. Honestly, HOW do nurseries do mail-order? I was pacing like an expectant father, worried about those poor, stressed plants in the mail. I'd be a basket-case if I worked in volume!

Has Bonnie done her rare seed RR yet? I don't know how much I could contribute, but I learned of some very interesting new plants last time. Sadly, many of the seeds I picked up were dead (old, maybe? or frozen?), but it was still fun to participate. Do let me know if/when this happens again. (And I have something for you, Bonnie; I just need to dig up your mailing addy again).

Whew! Time to get a few hours sleep before I head to work again. Saturday is INVENTORY DAY, a 22 hour shift (most of it OT pay), then I'll start thinking about January and tomato-lights. Until then, I'll just give up sleeping in days ending in "y".

You know, I remember having a dozen questions to ask you about various plants, but I'm just too tired to think of them now. So that's a good excuse for another letter.

So...Hello! I miss you, and I wish you a peaceful, safe and VERY happy holiday-time.



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Hi Merri, thanks for checking sound busy, and then some!
Things here in L'burg have been pretty of our "tall ships" lost a crew member when a rogue wave swept her off the ship and so the town is very subdued.
It's good to hear your enthusiasm, hope we can be forgiven for conversing on this side of our forum....M

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