Nagami Kumquat - how much shade can it take?

jenn(SoCal 9/19)June 21, 2011

We have a dwarf Nagami Kumquat that's been in a pot for several years. I'd like to find a good spot in the ground so it can reach its full size for more fruit production (I love kumquats!).

We have a spot in our side yard that gets full sun in the warmer months (when the sun is high) and less direct sun when the sun is lower in the horizon (cooler months). rates this Kumquat for full or partial sun, but I want to be sure as I don't want to have to move it again.

Does anyone grow a Kumquat in less than full sun all year, with the most sun in summer only?

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My Kumquat [don't recall variety] has morning shade from avocados, late afternoon shade from Eucalyptus. To the North, the house cuts sun, to the South, a fence and cyprus trees filter/cut sun. This tree bears fruit nearly year round ...

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jenn(SoCal 9/19)

Thank you, borderbarb. We've decided to put the Improved Meyer Lemon in that spot, and put the Kumquat on the south-east facing side of the house that gets more sun and reflected heat. The lemon is more tolerant of a little shade.

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