clematis choice?

marricgardensDecember 28, 2007

I have an 8' trellis I would like to plant clematis and roses on. I already have the roses, I bought and planted 4 John Davis Explorer roses, and now I need a few suggestions for a nice white, medium sized clematis. The trellis has a southern exposure and the roses are planted on that side. I would like to plant the clematis on the other side(northern exposure) where it will still get lots of sun. I think the white clematis and pink roses will look very nice together. I always amend our heavy clay soil with both compost and triple mix before we plant anything. Thanks for any suggestions. Marg

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sharont(z5 can)

Clematis 'dutchess of edinburg'
Clematis candida
I'm presently trying to germinate these white flowering clematis seeds!

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A good strong clematis would be Guernsey Cream, Easy to grow cutting from too.

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Thanks for the suggestions.
Sharont: I already have Duchess of Edinburgh on a gazebo DH made for me. It's on one side of the gazebo and Henryi is on the other. I'll have to check out clematis candida. Good luck with your seeds. Please let us know how they do.
wmc1: I checked out Guernsey Cream before but thought the flowers may be to big. (I'm fussy!) It is a beautful clematis though and I may have to add it to my collection anyway.
I was looking at Huldine clematis. Anybody grow it? Marg

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glaswegian(5b, Ont)

This is for the clematis growers, is it worth growing them from seeds at all for immediate impact and bloom, or is it just better to buy the plant in the spring?

Am interested in sweet autumn clematis, dutchess of edinburgh, candida and jackmanii


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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

It's probably a smaller flower than what you're looking for, but there is a Clematis alpina 'Alba'. It has smallish alpine style flowers and I quite like it, but it's not to everyone's taste :-)


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robertak(4b ON)

As you can see, I live in zone 4 and grow Huldine quite successfully with some winter cover. I have two plants and really enjoy them. They have flowers for an extended time compared to other clematis that I have and the flowers are beautiful! I would definitely try one! Enjoy!

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To glaswegian:

I think growing most Clematis from seed would be a long slow process (5 years maybe?). With some bought mature Clematis it can take a second year to get bloom. I bought three widely varying types two years ago as unusually small plants (4 inch pots I think,),,,from Safeway at $5 a piece. I am expecting these to take another year or two or maybe three to bloom. Clematis can be easy to grow if you get the conditions right. If you don't they die. Most will not take any heat or much dryness at the roots and yet they have to have sun on the plant itself. So you really have to do some research and be extra careful where you plant them or you can be wasting you time. The full size ones in good sized pots can be bought in the Pacific North West for $12 to $15 each. These usually bloom a bit the first or second year. Jacmani (deep purple) is the commonest and one of the hardiest. My Jacmani has bloomed more each year with no attention whatsoever except for cutting it off at the bottom in spring...It gave a pretty good second bloom last fall too...always gets comments from passers- by. Nelly Moser (soft pink) has a great reputation too for being covered with flowers. These are the large flowered types and maybe a bit fussier than some of the smaller types. Some of the smaller flowered types get to be very large plants though. They are a much varied group of plants so you will have to check that out too. There are a couple of excellent websites on the net specializing in Clematis. this should get you started....

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