Impatiens niamniamensis

runningtrailsDecember 10, 2008

Does anyone grow impatiens niamniamensis? I have just discovered it. I grow a few other impatiens varieties and would love to grow this one too. I searched the seed exchange pages for the entire GW and no one has it.

Will it grow to flower and seed here in Ontario, as the others do or does it need a longer growing season?

I would gladly exchange a few impatiens glandulifera seeds for some of seeds from the niamniamensis variety.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

If all else fails and you can't find seed, Brugmasias etc. in B.C. lists this plant in their catalog. Hope this helps. A

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

I saw this listed, in Dominion Seed House's paper catalogue, page N-9, Item # 53-3250-980. It states the plant is also called "Congo Cockatoo" and it produces an abundance of unusual flowers with vivid contrasting colors of bright yellow and scarlet red. It says it's a fast, easy growing plant and blooms May to October.

Anyways, they are selling it as a plant only (as opposed to selling seed for it) for $9.00. If it's like some of the other types of impatiens, perhaps you can save seed after the first year or it will self-sow.

Dominion seed house also has a website. Not sure if the plant is listed on there but you can request a catalogue:


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Thanks all for the info. I really want seeds, not a plant as that is a bit too expensive for me. I'll search for "Congo Cockatoo" and see what I find.

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I grew it last summer and it didn't set any seeds that I could see. I do still have the parent plant indoors, where it is so far surviving if not thriving. Are you in the London area? If not maybe I could try sending a cutting in the mail (once warmer weather returns of course!)

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I would love a slip in the mail. Thank yo so much. I'll send you an email. Odd that it didn't set seeds. Perhaps, since I'll be starting it early indoors, it will have time to set seeds this coming summer.

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